The Grand Gesture

Batman 1989: The Haunting of the Bat and GHOST

November 4, 2020


In BATMAN 1989 we see how the criminal underworld does most of the heavy lifting for our caped crusader (and the actor Michael Keaton) by treating him with the reverence we would later see in regards to Patrick Swayze as the GHOST.

Though we aren't totally convinced by the rules of this box-office smash from 1990... nor do we want to see girl on girl action between Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg... we do like the villain of the film.

Clearly the only way we will learn is if Super-Ghost Swayze throws pennies at us. But you can avoid that fate with our latest episode!

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Theme music by Soft and Furious

Intro: "Am I Drunk or in Love"

Outro: "I Like the Way You Are Talking to Me"

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