The Grand Gesture

Age is a Number of Annoyances in HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK

May 22, 2020


Now we are getting somewhere with our mommy porn month. Not only do we put Angela Bassett in The Meryl Category of acting... but also as an object of desire for short former Broadway musical stars with questionable Jamaican accents. And that's as close as we'll come to saying ANYTHING bad about the great Taye Diggs. Instead we will defend both of these characters from the attacks they face from friends and family over their vacation love affair in the transition to something more sustainable. But do we want a sequel? No... in fact our transition may be to something with that Meryl lady on next week's episode. For now, enjoy us objectifying Ms. Bassett and Mr. Diggs!

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Intro: "Am I Drunk or in Love"

Outro: "I Like the Way You Are Talking to Me"

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